The Space Between. Is a blog about any thought that enters my mind and I feel is worthy of writing about.  Most of the times these thoughts come to me when I least expect it.  Like when I’m waiting at a traffic light, brushing my teeth, in the shower, in meditation or in prayer.  They come to me while I’m not actively engaged in anything.  That’s why I call it the space between.  It’s the space between doing things that I get these thoughts, get it?  I’m sure we all have thoughts pop in our heads at those times.

I was diagnosed with tonsil cancer in August 2009.  Although, I don’t let it define me, my cancer experience does have an influence on what I do and think.  A lot of the content of this blog will be about cancer. 

Personal Information.  I currently live in Strongsville Ohio.  It’s located about twenty miles southwest of Cleveland.  Ever heard of it?  You know the Indians, the Cavs and the Browns.  It’s really cold and snowy in the winter and beautiful in the summer.  However, the summers are too short!!

I’m married to a wonderful woman that I met at BGSU where we both went to college.  She is a great artist, as a matter of fact, if you are interested in some art let me know.  I can hook you up.  She is into painting, sculpture, photography and any other fine art you can think of.  She also sells Silpada Jewelry and Avon.  I can hook you up there too!!  Between the kids, her art and her jobs, I always wonder why I’m the one falling asleep on the couch at night, not her.  She helped guide me through my cancer journey and made sure I made it back safely.  Thanks Dana.

My wife Dana and I have two young kids.  Our son Avery was born in 2001 and is as energetic and crazy as any boy you’ve ever met.  Talk about alternative energy, if we could capture his energy we wouldn’t have to rely on any other sources of energy.  It would be totally green energy.  Our daughter Gracie was born in 2003 and has a very similar personality to her brother.  She loves to hang out with him, but likes her alone time too.  She can be as sweet as piece of pumpkin pie one minute and a wise crackin’ crazy the next.  Both kids are as smart as any kids I know.

Day Job. By day I’m a software engineer.  I spend my days consulting with clients in how to make their software systems faster, more reliable and more secure.  I do this through web and windows based applications that I write.  It may not sound like it from the description of my job, but my job is mostly about relationships.  The stronger I build my relationships with my clients, the more comfortable they are with me and my work.  That keeps them coming back for more projects.  I work for the premier IT services company in the region, Thinsolutions.  If you have any I.T. needs, get in touch with me and I’ll tell you more about it.

Some More About Me. I’m a fun guy.  Besides loving my family, I love to Travel.  I also love cooking, soccer, reading, running, cycling, watching movies, hanging out with family, getting together with friends and all kinds of activities.  I love to keep busy.  I have several big accomplishments in life, getting married to Dana and having a family is one of the biggest and most rewarding.  Beating Cancer is up there too.

I love a good laugh.  That is something my family is very good at.

I’ve had a great life up to now and believe my best days are ahead of me.

Look out world!!