Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Answer

Alright people, I’ve kept you waiting long enough.  I don’t like dragging things out.  After these many days of waiting (it’s been at least two weeks since I’ve started this blog) I’m going to comment on what the space between means to me and where the inspiration came from.  I’ve read many great comments on it, everything from Buber or Kierkegaard to Dave Matthews, “that moment of consciousness when you become ‘aware’”, “the space between my cancer diagnosis and cure”, “the moments between waking and sleeping and the conscious/unconscious shift into reality”, comparison to the importance of the space between the logs of a fire where oxygen is needed to fuel that fire, “the wisdom of life’s experiences that can open our eyes”.  All these are very thought provoking comments.   I’ve thought more than a minute on each of these. I’ve realized you guys are deep.  I’m going to have to dig deep into my mind to keep a crowd like this entertained and coming back. 

As one reader stated, and I agree... To this day I’m still singing the “Space Between” song by Dave Matthews.  It’s been stuck in my head since I started this blog.  It’s a great song but I may consider changing the name of the blog to see if helps get that song out of my head. 

As I’ve stated several times throughout my blog, including my ‘About’ section, the ‘Space Between’ for me can be anywhere I’m at where my brain has a down moment.  It is like an ‘Ah-Ha’ moment.  You aren’t thinking of anything in particular and a thought pops into your head.  A lot of times it’s a profound thought, sometimes though not so profound. 

I liken this to something I learned while studying Jeet Kune Do. <SIDEBAR> Jeet Kune Do is the style of Marital Arts the legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee developed.  He developed this devastating style after realizing that all the traditional styles of martial arts were not working for him.  Jeet Kune Do, compared to some of these more traditional styles, is very direct in its approach.  Every movement has deliberate meaning.  It has economy of motion because no movement is wasted.  However, I digress into the subject for another day’s post.<END SIDEBAR>  Why did I even bring Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do up?  Because one thing I learned in my JKD training was to never stop for a moment.  Better put “in emptiness, punch”.  Basically, for martial arts it means don’t dance around, don’t hesitate, don’t do anything but act.  There is no down time in a fight or match.  If you’re arms are staying still then punch.  “In Emptiness Punch”.  That’s how you get results.  I got to thinking about this one day, is that what happens when these thoughts pop into my head, but with the mental and not physical?  Restated: “In Emptiness Think.”   I may not consciously be doing it but the thoughts do pop into my head in emptiness.  I’m sure it happens to all of us, right?

I hope you’ve been enjoying reading this blog as much as I’ve been enjoying writing it.  I agree with what one of my readers told me offline.  Even as our technology continues to evolve making it theoretically easier to communicate with each other, a lot of people are becoming increasingly isolated.  Open dialog promotes people’s understanding, awareness and tolerance of each other.  You can’t hope to save the world with words alone but it’s a great start.

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