Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ready, Set, Go...

Why are you here?  I can tell you why because something interested you or maybe you are a friend or family and feel obligated or possibly you just like the pretty background picture.  Whatever your reason Thanks for visiting my blog.  I’ve been working on getting this up for a few weeks now and after drowning in every little detail of the look and feel , I came up for air and decided it’s time to just do it. Of course I had some prompting from my wife Dana to stop being so obsessive about the little details too. So here it is…

My name is John Dzurko, I was born in 1968.  That makes me forty two as of today.  As mentioned above I have a wife named Dana.  I also have two kids, a boy who is nine and a girl who is seven.  You’ll be hearing more about all of them in future postings.  Go to the ‘About Me’ page to find out more details on me and my family.

I recently had a life changing experience.  I got in a fight.  It was the fight of my life with a big, toughie named Cancer.  I’m about thirteen months out of treatment now and everything is clear and doctors expect it to be clear forever.  Let’s hope they are right.  My gut tells me they are.  Anyway, I’m still finding how it changed my life.  I thought it might be fun and cleansing to write.  I’m going to write about cancer, I sure am. 

I’m going to write about a lot of things.  I have a lot of thoughts that want to come out.  This will be a good forum for it.  I’m going to write about my life, family and activities.  I’m also going to share my observations and opinions on all aspects of life as I see it.  Be prepared, it should be a fun ride.

This is definitly a work in progress and will be improving as time goes by.   I'll be adding pictures, movies, podcasts.  I'm planning on having guest bloggers.  Hey, if anyone has a subject you want to hear about or a guest you would like to hear from, let me know.  If you want to write here too, don't be shy, just let me know and we'll work it out.  We are going to have a blast. 

You will be able to leave comments on all my posts.  I encourage feedback, especially feedback that spurs conversation.  Spirited conversation is great, but I am reserving the right to drop comments.  Don’t worry, I won’t drop comments if you don’t agree with me. I do reserve the right to drop comments that are malicious or personal attacks on me, my family or anyone else that may be commenting.  Keep it spirited, but respectful.

How about the title, “The Space Between”?  Does anyone know where my initial inspiration to use that phrase was from?  Why don’t you leave a comment about why I was inspired to name my blog “The Space Between”.  I won’t leave you hanging for too long.  I’ll give an answer in a future posting.


  1. I look forward to hearing your story...

  2. You finally did it & it is as great as we knew it would be! Space Between...great title. In art we call it the negative space. Something about that bothers me because it's "negative". Not all quiet space is negative is it? We remember what quiet space is don't we? LOL
    I can't wait to see what happens in the "Space Between". Love you, Dana

  3. "Quiet Space" hmm..... With a seven and nine year old? I think we both will need to rediscover the "quiet space". Looking forward to it, but not too soon!! Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Was it Buber or Kierkeegaard? I'm doing my thesis on dialogue... I should remember this. John, thanks for starting this blog and congratulations on your fight with cancer.

  5. I too have often thought about that weird state of consciousness where you are continuing life as you know it but then all of the sudden, you become "aware". I have some very insightful moments during this time. Perhaps that is what you are referring too as well?

  6. Nice! I look forward to this. Could the space between be the time between diagnosis and cure? Seems that was a pretty damn tough chunk of time.

  7. Hi John- I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and looking forward to reading yours. When you said 'Space Between' the first thing I thought of was the Dave Matthews song by the same name. And now it keeps running through my head! Eager to hear your answer about what you are referring to! Kim L

  8. It's when you're between waking and sleeping. A conscious or unconscious shift into another reality?

  9. Beautiful! As a fellow survivor, though not nearly as battle weary as you must have been, I have built my space for breathing and reflection into my work, my family and my way of being.

    I want to share with you a poem from a Teacher's Conference several years ago that I have used again and again. I'm happy I can share it again.


    What makes a fire burn
    is space between the logs,
    a breathing space.
    Too much of a good thing,
    too many logs
    packed in too tight
    can douse the flames
    almost as surely
    as a pail of water would.

    So building fires
    requires attention
    to the spaces in between,
    as much as to the wood.

    When we are able to build
    open spaces
    in the same way
    we have learned
    to pile on the logs,
    then we can come to see how
    it is fuel, and absence of the fuel
    together, that make fire possible.

    We only need to lay a log
    lightly from time to time.
    A fire
    simply because the space is thee,
    with openings
    in which the flame
    that knows just how it wants to burn
    can find its way.
    --Judy Brown

    Enjoy the Space Between, it is the most important space there is.
    Love, Sis

  10. Hi John....this is so cool! (Just had to tell you!) I have been a 'blogger'of sorts all of my life. It used to be called "journaling!" I had a diary when I was eleven and it all started from there! Only it was suppose to be kept secret from everyone else. I wonder if they served their I any better for pouring myself out on paper? Do the mistakes and challenges some how make sense now when I re-read them? It's enlightening, sad and even amusing to look back at who we once were and see those parts that are still present and hopefully refined. The struggles that made us who we are.....the grit of sand that has become the pearl (of great price)....I have had a couple of "ah-ha" moments...things that have come full circle and I can see why....not many but one or two! This is such a new forum thanks to our having silent conversations with people sharing the "space between".....our ears and what goes on in there!
    Saw Michael Douglas on the Golden Globes last night....thought of you and your fight with the big 'C'....such a hard road but you fought a good fight...recovery is the prize! we are proud to call you friend!.....Karen (& Dave :)

  11. Thanks again all. These are all great comments. Keep them coming!!

  12. Hey John -- it's me Shari -- you and my cousins are my inspiration and I hope I never have to face that demon but if I do I plan on fighting it all the way. I have something abnormal going on but I'm prayerful and hopeful that at my follow-up I'll come out in the clear. Just say a prayer for me too -- I'm actually afraid. As you may not know, my mom and all auntees passed away from cancer -- we recently found out that our family carries the gene -- I tested negative but my other twin 1st cousins tested positive -- we found out it's on the paternal side -- grandfather and uncles are carriers. But this site is a great idea and I'm passing it on!!!! Love you both and hug dem chilren for me LOL!!!

  13. Shari, how did you get the testing? Where did you go and what did it involve. I always pray for you anyway, but we'll keep it up!! Talk to you soon.

  14. "Vision" is a wonderful thing. The space between sounds like "wisdom", and only life's experiences can open our eyes.....If we choose to see.......

  15. John - congratulations on starting your blog. I think you'll find writing to be a great elixir. Sometimes physically talking to other people can be difficult. Stopping time to mull things over really helps to clarify what you REALLY want to say. You've been through a lot the past year or it's time to sort it all out. Savor the process. Look forward to more posts!